2011 Beauty trends…The red lipstick

2011 Beauty trends…The red lipstick

Are you afraid to use a little colour? Be a bit daring when it comes to your lips? Well have no fear, because here are some ladies in red that show us how its really done…

There is a reason that red lippy is the must have for most of us. The shine, the shape, the plumping up, if there was a miracle substance for transforming even the most boring, thin and hated of lips – the red lipstick is it, the maverick, the daddy and quite simply irreplacable.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the first to discover the secret to what a good shade of red could do. Look at any photograph of the young starlet and you see that her smile is one that so many would pay for – and with the little help of lippy, it goes a long way in turning those heads and securing male attention.

?Rock chick, Gwen Stefani has made the red lipstick her own trend and it does wonders for her complexion. Find the right shade and red can lift any dull skin tone and brighten those eyes even blondes like Gwen can rock it!

Red can evoke many different looks, of that there is no denying. It can be the favourite of a grunge princess like Stefani or make a sultry tempress like burleque star Dita Von Teese.

?There is never a time we don’t see her with a hefty application of the red stuff and now we know why…

stirring up those romantic, sexy and loving emotions, red is THE colour you want to be sporting if you’re wanting the men to be falling at your feet. Not to mention is gives Dita the complexion

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