Ambrosus (AMB) the Blockchain-Powered IoT Network for Food and Pharmaceuticals

Ambrosus (AMB) the Blockchain-Powered IoT Network for Food and Pharmaceuticals

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Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises.

It will enable secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance.

Usage wise it will optimise supply chains by provide analitics, provide transparent and accurate tracking of shipments, quality assurance of the shipments (time, temperature, logistical and materials stamping) and anti counterfiting.

Tokens and usage

Amber is the foundation of the Ambrosus network and is used to:

Perform activities on the Ambrosus Network: Every time user creates an asset or record an event, the need a small bit of Amber to reward the nodes in the network.

Create Digital Certificates: Users create a digital record of real-world assets and store the associated data for the entire lifetime of the product. To do that they need to lock AMB.

Users stake Amber into Masternodes, to help maintain the integrity of the network and validate transactions.

Recent News

Ambrosus joins Swiss Food Research to drive industrial adoption of blockchain. Swiss Food Research is the leading network in Switzerland that connects cutting-edge scientific and innovation projects to the largest agricultural supply chains in the country. An Official Partner of the Federal Government of Switzerland (Swiss Innovation Agency)

In May Ambrosus annouced 13 new team members and currently have 4 offices with over 30 employees in total.

It was also annouced that the beta version 0.95  of the Ambrosus Network (AMB-NET) was released in May. AMB-NET is an enterprise data storage system that provides a unified and scalable infrastructure to safely store and share supply chain data


By the end of Q2, Marketplace Network wtill be released. Ambrosus will merge the work done on Crossroads and its Marketplace to release a production-ready platform, where suppliers can sell their quality-assured goods

AMB-NET v1.0 and will be released in July as fully functioning enterprise solution.

By the end of Q3, Ambrosus will releasee their first complete toolkit for sensors & IoT devices.

By year’s end, they aim to have a fully operational and enterprise-ready blockchain solution that powers dozens of real-world applications.

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