Ark (ARK) the All-in-One Blockchain Solutions

Ark (ARK) the All-in-One Blockchain Solutions

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Ark aims to bridge the gap between all the different blockchains out there essentially connecting all of them together.

They created and will use SmartBridge which is a technology that allows blockchains to connect and communicate with one another.

Once a blockchain connects to Ark’s system either via a code snippet or encoded listener, they are set up and connected to the Ark SmartBridge system.

Essentially it is an ecosystem meant for cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Tokens and usage

Fees on the Ark blockchain must be paid in Ark meaning the entire ecosystem will be running using the Ark token.

Since the Ark blockchain and the SmartBridge technology is meant to be used as a “highway” to transmit messages between different blockchains, the demand for Ark coins will increase as more blockchains join the Ark Ecosystem.

Ark software stack aims to make it easy to launch and customize blockchains. Developers get access to Ark’s ecosystem of plugins to customize their network, mobile and desktop wallets and an explorer.

Ark is one of the projects that can generate income through holding since it allows to stake the tokens through the delegated proof of stake.

Recent News

The team is very busy with recruiting new team members and expanding the team even though size-wise the team decreased since the initial project release. Some of the members of the team were involved with Lisk before.

Middle of August ARK Core v2 Devnet was released with the aim of fixing any final bugs in the codebase before ARK Core V2 hard fork.

Overall there are plenty of updates to the project that also include wallets for example. There is also plenty of Github activity when compared to similar projects.

They have announced partnership with Blockchain HR Marketplace but there isn’t much usage of the Ark blockchain.


The roadmap on the website is very detailed and even shows different task progression.

The biggest upcoming developments are ARK CORE v2, better technical implementation and alternative development implementation/ programming languages. This will mean that the developers will be able to use multiple programming. languages when developing for Ark.

Long term developments include The ARK Virtual Machine integration, Push Button Deployable Blockchains and Integration of Inter-planetary File System (IPFS).

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