Basic Attention Token (BAT) the Blockchain-based digital advertising on Brave Browser

Basic Attention Token (BAT) the Blockchain-based digital advertising on Brave Browser

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Basic Attention Token is trying to address the digital advertising system in which internet users must sacrifice their privacy and attention in order to use the internet for free.

The ultimate aim is the mass adoption of a decentralized and transparent digital ad exchange, based on the blockchain.

BAT project is already operational and based on the Brave browser.

BAT ran an ICO where they raised $36M in May 2017

Usage and Tokens

Basic Attention Token is a token on the ETH blockchain that can be exchanged between content publishers, digital advertisers, and general internet users.

Brave competes with the most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Edge but in my opinion it offers superior experience to those. The browsers comes with adblock.

Using the Brave browser does not require using Basic Attention Token but BAT is nicely incorporated into it.

BAT is the cryptocurrency used to support the entire system and is also used as a mean of value exchange between users, plublishers and advertisers for example users can support content creators.


The development of BAT is deeply connected to the development of Brave since both are provided by the same team and work with eachother.

The recent release of the Brave 0.55 was very major since it was redesigned to work on Chromium meaning all of the Chrome extensions should now work on Brave (users can simply download from Chrome Web Store )

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