Celebs Hairstyles 2011

Hilary Duff

Natalie Portman (29) at the 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala. This is a new tight bun. It has a cute big knot that suits her age and a tight structure that is appropriate at a very formal event. It may be too conservative for a prom.

Wendie Malick (60) starts the new year with a classic bob hairstyle which curls in sharply at the ends. In her naturally very dark brown hair she has lots of moderate highlights. The length is cut to mid-way between her chin and shoulders. It’s a very simple low-maintenance style for women over 40. It’s very flattering for her face.

Diane Warren (54) has a short haircut not unlike Liza Minnelli’s. It very dark if not actually black. But her bangs are fuller, more choppy and asymmetrical. The top profile is a little shorter than you might expect.

Carey Mulligan (25) has a new short hairstyle. It’s cute and sideswept or side-parted and has a full fringe. It falls below her ears but also wraps around them. That last design element won’t appeal to all women, but it does make this style more dimensional, dramatic, and free.

Carey last year looked like this:

Chantelle Houghton (27) at the UK premiere of Morning Glory. She is looking very glamorous with this pretty, slightly messy updo. Chantelle is a model with eyes and lips similar to Paris Hilton’s! She once said: “I look like Paris Hilton, not on purpose but it’s just the way it turned out.” A few days ago at another venue she had her hair down; she was wearing over-the-top hair extensions. This is a much better formal hairstyle. It is classy, not contrived, and makes her look more mature.

Rachel McAdams (32) has a light brown medium hairstyle with chunky layers. It is classically center-parted and a little flirty, but it may not be ideally balanced. The heavy layers at the side of her face have a length that is more common with long hairstyles. If they were a little shorter this would be perfect!

Nancy O’Dell (44) looks all of 28 in this new picture. The latest addition to Entertainment Tonight has beautiful long hair with gorgeous highlights. She typically stands out as much as the celebrities she covers. Her style above has some slightly 80s-inspired feminine shape, softness, and volume.

Tempestt Bledsoe (37) has a huge mid-length black hairstyle. It’s a daring bob-like ‘do which is almost as big as an afro on the sides. It would be better if the top was fuller in the middle to balance it out. As is it looks too flat at the crown. Tempestt is the African American celebrity who recently got a new gig as host of Clean House.

Jeannie Mai (32) hit the red carpet all glammed up at a recent event with a fun chignon and black fishnet veil like what you see at a funeral. Jeannie was previously a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics. She is now a fashion critic and the host of “How Do I Look?” on the Style Network. It is one of the most popular makeover programs today.

Cameron Diaz (38) at the Green Hornet premiere with long soft waves. This has been her common look for ages. Does anyone miss her short hairstyles? It’s been a long time–about ten years–since she had cute crops. There’s nothing wrong with this style but she is definitely overdue for a makeover.

Michelle Williams (30) didn’t have to experience much change to get a trendy pixie, but she’s made her hair more interesting with a hot new light red color. Will 2011 be another year of pixies? It’s difficult to guess because last year some stars were letting their locks grow out while others were cutting it all off.

Jane Lynch (50) has a short haircut which is a little more dramatic than usual for the mature celebrity. It’s higher at the crown, has messier bangs, and it’s enhanced with many small flips. There are some signs more subtlely flippy haircuts are becoming a trend. But even if they aren’t becoming fashionable, the design feature works well on older women.

Julianne Hough (22) switched her haircolor back to blonde, which was a good decision. The brown and red really didn’t do much for the blue-eyed singer/dancer. Here she looks more natural with her long, thick hair, but she’s probably still using extensions for volume.

Gayle King (56) has a soft thick bob with medium brown color and muted copper highlights. It’s heavier than you would expect on the sides; a few layers there would make it less chunky and clunky. The long and broken casual fringe reaches almost down to her eyes; it provides contrast to everything else which is so thick and together. Her hair looks very healthy but the big flips are too extreme in context.

Kirsten Dunst (28) with a medium bob looks cute and pretty. The big formal barette is a nice touch. Her total look is youthful and simple, but the wide retro bob shape tends to make her head look larger. The small section that falls to the side of her forehead, however, adds elegance.

Jasika Nicole (31) has a cute short black hairstyle. It’s an afro in the making but her bangs could use a trim to clean up her hairline. Snip those extreme short curls and maybe a few on top around the profile to make it perfect. Isn’t it about time stylish afros made a comeback? The short crops of African American women in recent years are getting old fast.

Liza Lapira (29) has healthy long Asian hair with a wonderful sheen. But the style itself needs work. The top half from the crown to her chin is great; but the bottom is a hot mess. The ends are too chunky and they are next to some strands that are super thin and messy. They look like cheap extensions.

Chelsea Handler (35) is now a late-night comedienne but was once a model. Does she make a good hair model? This is a popular medium style but her roots need a touchup. The entire coloring actually needs to be redone. It’s blonde from the top to eye level and then light red to the ends. Her shirt color inadvertently draws attention to the irregular colors (because it’s so similar to the shade of blonde).

Joan Rivers (77) is back as the host of Fashion Police, so why is the “top cop” wearing a 2008 bob in 2011? Last year Carly Fiorina was “overheard” slamming Barbara Boxer for her bob which was “so yesterday.” Joan has a great chin-length cut, but it’s just not fashionable right now unless she’s decided to start a new trend and women are following her.

Jenna Ushkowitz (24) is the Korean American actress on a hit TV show. Her hair is hot! It is mostly all down but the part that is up adds some fun and flirty sass. The volume on this design is attractive. The “half-up” section helps make it seem thicker on top and more balanced with the bold long bottom sections.

Paris Hilton (29) may not be known exclusively for her elegance, but this red carpet chignon was just perfect. It was one of the stand-out formal hairstyles at the Golden Globes. The side view shows the lovely shape at the front and the pinned bun at the back. It’s great for a prom or wedding in 2011.

Savannah Van (17) is a happy teen singer who likes big hairstyles. This is actually one of her smaller ones. Her thick long blonde tresses are enhanced with a high-bling sparkly headband tucked under instead of over her hair. It’s a cute style statement.

Sandra Bullock (46) with heavy bangs. This is a major makeover! Since she became a celebrity Sandra has apparently never had bangs. (A review of earlier pictures of her didn’t reveal any.) It’s a little harder to recognize the popular actress, but is the hairstyle itself flattering? A poll on People magazine’s Style Watch web page leaves about 50% unconvinced. They want the old Sandra back. The problem here is the style suits much younger women–like teens! Very few ladies her age choose this cut. The harshness of the blunt bangs is compounded by the virtually jet black haircolor. Sandra does have some brown highlights but they are very subdued, barely noticeable, and there aren’t many of them. She isn’t going through a mid-life crisis, but she did get divorced last year, and that may have played a role in her wanting to do something completely different. Many women admit they change their hair after a breakup.

Demi Moore (48) with a big retro hairdo. It is reasonably neat and perhaps best classified as semi-formal, but it just seems a bit too heavy and lacking in shape. It needs to be tighter and rounder so it appears less like a helmet and more feminine. It could also use more symmetry so it looks more polished.

Malin Akerman (32) is a beautiful Swedish-Canadian actress with a simple but sexy blonde cut. Roots needs recoloring, but the length and shape are perfect. It works just as well as a casual style as it does at special event thanks to its understated wavy elegance. This photo was actually taken last year; she had the same thing recently but her cut and pic in 2010 was slightly better.

Jayma Mays (31) wearing a thick medium bob with half bangs. The layers are okay, but she would look better and more natural with more of the ends further towards the center. Here they draw too much focus to her long neck because of the volume, angle, and bluntness. Softer, freer tips are more feminine.

Carrie Underwood (27) is still about as popular for her hairstyles as her music. She’s also overtaken Kelly Clarkson as a young style icon for inspiration. Her Golden Globe choice in 2011 as shown above was formal enough for a bride. Although the loose pieces on both sides are a classical design, they are just a little too long. Carrie had a similar updo last year but without the tendrils. They can soften a very tight updo, but so can a smile.

Sinatta (42) has a head full of gorgeous black curls. You have to love the way they catch the light because of the sparkly black-and-white contrast. Her long hair has nearly too much volume but it does a lot for her. It’s dramatic yet tasteful. Hopefully this will become a trend among African American women. It may be time for the fashion pendulum to swing back from short to medium or long hairstyles.

Stacey Solomon (21) toned down her previous over-the-top hair design which made beauty news headlines. She used to have extremely big hair with much larger and blonder extensions. Stacey’s latest enhancements are closer to her natural haircolor, but could be darker still for the most flattering and polished finish.

Rachel G. Fox (14) has a long teen hairstyle with dark blonde highlights. It’s a good color choice, but a makeover to make it four to six inches shorter would be a nice improvement. Many teens are very reluctant to cut off much of their hair, but there is a clear proportional problem here for the diminutive starlet. You need to work with not only your face shape but also head size.

Laura Vandervoort (26) on the TV show V. This was in a scene between sweet long-haired Lisa (Laura) and the very short-haired brunette villain Anna (Morena Baccarin). The contrast between the two women’s personalities and their hairstyles could not have been more striking. The beauty of Laura’s sexy style is its perfect length as well as the mix of thick and thin sections. The few subtle layers don’t hurt, either. Her half bangs complete a fully casual look that’s modern, wavy, and cool. (Courtesy ABC)

Caroline Sunshine (15) with big curls. She is living up to her name with a sunny disposition and pretty golden blonde color. The warm shade goes nicely with her dark brown eyes. If you are a teenager who enjoys lots of volume, you might like the design of Caroline. It is quite easy and it gives you a fun, cute style. You’ll need a medium and/or large barrel curling iron.

Michelle LaFrance has heavy sideswept bangs that are broken in only one place. This is not unlike Nicole Richie’s look a few years ago that she had all the time. It’s stylish and feminine as well as simple and low maintenance. Because so much of the hairdo is neat, you have to watch the parting to make sure it doesn’t get too messy. Michelle’s is borderline.

Danneel Harris (31) in a recent photo with a mid-length formal design. It is easy to create and has a few pretty faux layers for extra drama. The thin sections she curled add a touch of evening elegance. She is wearing about three different colors including a few very thin slices of blonde. Danneel is a former Big Sexy Hair model.

Michelle Obama (47) at a health promotion event with a new short hairdo. The First Lady has shown a lot of diversity in her black hairstyles. She is unlike her much more conservative predecessor, Laura Bush, who chose one and stuck with it for eight years. Michelle’s ‘do is very dimensional thanks to the extra volume, flips, curls, and twists. (Courtesy CNN)

Frances Fisher (58) with long red hair. Her style could hardly be simpler, but it’s shiny, healthy and very attractive. What a blowout! The ends look razored and Frances has perfectly transitioning color from the red base to a lighter shade. It catches the light and creates radiance. Risky length for a woman her age but she’s pulled it off brilliantly!

Tess Daly (41) with smoking hot hair. Wow! This looks like something Jessica Simpson or Gisele Bundchen would wear–or a woman half her age. Did the mature presenter pull it off? Yes! Very big waves without a fringe make a bold fashion statement–or a suggestion you’re open to a hair modeling contract.

Brie Larson (21) has a messy style with bangs. It may be too busy; it is curly, wavy, and twisty all at the same time–and it has an uneven fringe. But many teenagers will see it as an ideal design that is casual and cool. Brie has that just-got-out-of-bed look. The medium cut is very thick and wide, which means it’s best suited to any face shape besides round. Note that this look is risky if you don’t keep your color updated. Messy hair and bad haircolor could spell disaster.

Kelly Rowland (29) with a cool crop! How do you like her stylish pixie with long bangs at sharp angles? It’s basically a knockoff of the 2010 black hairstyles trend which was very short on one side. Kelly’s cut, however, is better than its similar predecessors. It looks more sophisticated, elegant, and professional. There are finely razored ends and a few subtle highlights which are widely dispersed. It’s perfect for work and doesn’t need to be adjusted for a night out on the town.

Esmee Denters (22) with an extremely funky updo. Her hair has a loosely curled fringe and looks very messy. What is the inspiration? Upon closer inspection it appears to be 1950s rockabilly meets 1960s bouffant and 1980s punk. Only an uninhibited recording artist could accept multiple-era hairstyling in a new updo this wild. Is it wearable for anyone else? Removing the big front curl could make it sexy; otherwise it’s merely a conversation topic.

Mo’Nique (43) has a fun hairdo. The popular celebrity is still making waves in the entertainment world and has the glamour to match her career. This medium hair style is bold and has lots of volume, but it’s a little too high and/or thick at the crown. With big curls you always need to make sure the proportions are balanced on the sides and top.

Emma Willis (34) with a simple short hairstyle. It’s an example of one option if you’re growing out a pixie. You should be able to do this easy one yourself in five minutes or less. Super low maintenance, it’s ideal for busy students and any pro on the go. No need to fuss: part and depart.

Lo Bosworth (24) with sexy wavy hair. It’s heavier on one side and just clears the eye. It’s not quite symmetrical; it’s forward on the left and back to the ear on the right. The look is basic but cute without being pretentious. Lo has a new book out and this picture was captured at her book signing.

Haley Reinhart (18) lights up a room with her 100-watt smile and glamorous curls. This is a great teen hairstyle especially for girls like her who are extroverts. The American Idol contestant impressed the judges and is going to Hollywood. Keep an eye out for this pretty rising star with the long piecy hair. (Courtesy Fox)

Hofit Golan has dramatic flips which recreate a 1970s vibe yet also make her hair layered half-way down. It’s kind of fun for the evening. Hofit’s tresses are different from most in the way they fall right at the corners of both eyes. Overall the shape is reasonably effective but her color needs a lot of work. She looks like Faith Hill, who is also lazy about her haircolor, and leaves her roots showing too often.

Cara Buono (36) also has a modern take on a retro hairstyle. The volume and shape are reminiscent of ladies’ looks in the 1960s to 1980s. It’s slightly raised at the crown and completely off the face. It is also blown out from the temple on the left and set with a lot of hairspray so it stands out two to three inches. Cara’s medium design is finished with some sweet curls at the ends. Definitely stylish and classy–and even flirty.

Emma Henry (15) was one of several very young teen contestants who made a splash recently on AI. The aspiring singer’s choice for her national debut was Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” But neither one of her dramatic hair colors is natural. Emma has a cool two-tone style that makes it appear as if she has platinum blonde on top and black underneath. The clever technique adds pop to existing layers (or creates faux ones). Her casual bangs are very heavy but also quite intriguing due to the alternating colors and spiky shape. (Courtesy Fox)

Zain Verjee (36) has an elegant short haircut. It is a cross between the hairstyles of Laura Bush and the late Princess Diana (her epic cut). The front photo doesn’t show the light feathering on part of the side. In the 80s they took that design element too far. Done in moderation, however, it adds subtle details which appeal to many women in their late 30s and early 40s (if not older, too). Zain’s hair is very thick and it would be better if it were layered. Now it seems a bit like a helmet. (Courtesy CNN)

Laurie Holden (27) looks like actress Sara Paxton. This new ‘do falls just past the top of her shoulders. Her lightly reddish blonde creation has feminine texture. There are a few soft waves on the sides and one large wave across her forehead. A slight improvement would be to fix that top part so it’s not broken up. Otherwise it’s a decent design that is flexible enough for the day and a semi-formal evening.

Madison Pettis (12) is a pre-teen girl who is a star of the future but has already been in show biz half her life. As you can see the lucky young lady is blessed with pretty hair. Madison, indeed, is one of very few actresses who is naturally curly–at least in a memorable way like Melina Kanakaredes. Here she has automatic texture and volume that most girls can only dream of having or get after lots of work.

Anne Sweeney (52) has a simple mid-length hairstyle. The multimillionaire media mogul is overdue for a trim of some kind. Her half bangs are already getting in her eye. The subtle and moderate highlights, however, look perfect. The multitonal mix includes very wide panels of brown contrasted with very thin slices of blonde. It is a rather dimensional style with sharp bends at her neck. Her cut is low-maintenance but it would be ideal if it were an inch or two shorter.

Stephanie Savage (43) looks stunning with her gorgeous haircolor. Dressing up the long locks of this middle-aged woman are two tantalizing shades: medium and light red. It’s one of the hottest combinations of the year so far. Her piecey waves are graduated to get thinner the closer they get to the ends. Smooth transitions expertly done for both shape and color like this make a lasting impression. If you love warm tones, consider this wonderful beauty.

Lea Michele (24) on the red carpet with maximum volume. Wow! That is quite the mane. The brunette power of a twenty something celebrity rarely gets this thick. It is borderline over the top–as in the excesses of the 80s–but she hasn’t quite crossed the line. (Lea has previously admitted using extensions and must have them here once again.) The mini fringe (one small section) from the parting is unexpected and interesting. It adds a youthful touch.

Irshad Manji (42) with what we could call “saw blade” bangs. Her short fringe has sharp points, and it appears the base of her “sideburns” is also pointed. It is virtually a pixie. She is likely in her early 40s, but this very short cut suits women about 21 years old and up. Just make sure you have the forehead to pull it off. (Courtesy CNN)

Jennifer Aniston (41) must have found the best deep conditioner, because she has hair as healthy as a teenager’s! This new picture reveals her favorite length and shape, which is quite basic and certainly classic. But Jennifer has fresh colors. There is a fabulous base shade of light brown and face-framing highlights in medium to dark blonde. It’s nice to see her do something a little different, and the color makeover with perfect roots is so flattering, isn’t it? A fine step up from 2010.

Emily Maynard (24) with partial braids. This girl from North Carolina is currently on The Bachelor. She is one of the most cute contestants and is expected to receive a marriage proposal soon. As you get older, complete braids may look silly, but one section only is a fun enhancement and hardly detracts from your true age. Hers start in the center and cover half her hairline. They are tightly tied to maintain her profile. They don’t scream for attention but make Emily more elegant and pretty. (Courtesy ABC)

Chloe Moretz (14) wearing a chin-length bob with big finger waves. She may not know it, but this teen girl has a very 1930s hairstyle. You may recall from old movies it was all the rage back then–although smaller waves were more common. Since the look hasn’t come back–perhaps the only exception being Liv Tyler a few years ago–it’s a daring choice for the young starlet. If you’re not used to or comfortable with lots of weight on one side, you might skip it. But it’s different and kind of adorable with the little flips. Beats a plain old straight bob, which can get boring very fast.

Dianna Agron (23) with an elegant updo. This female celeb has a very big chignon that could be improved. There is consistency with the front, top and back which are all slightly loose. That is all great, but the shape of the bun leaves a little to be desired. It seems somewhat out of balance. Dianna’a soft bangs fall beside and almost into her eyes; that is a feature you may either love or hate.

Lisa (thirtysomething) with a chin-length bob. She has lots of thick, small curls. The front needs a trim to remove the new bangs which have started to appear. But the volume is fine the way it is now. Wide bobs were fairly common in the 90s and women may be ready again to put them back in fashion. It’s definitely about time to break free from the tired obsession with straight bobs. (Courtesy CNN)

Dana Delany (54) with auburn haircolor. She is defying her age with both the color and length. Instead of short, Dana’s locks are quite long, and she is dark red rather than her natural brown. The radiant actress has long layers with finely razored ends. Her cut is straight and simple but also sexy. It is really just the most popular layered design on a different level. It was created with a higher-than-average level of professional skill and a less common hue. That’s a smart way to freshen up an old classic.

Jennifer Lopez (41) brings a lot of glamour to Americal Idol that we never received from Paula Abdul. She often has long hairstyles which are quite hot and new makeup that is sparkly or glossy. JLo, despite being a woman over 40, still digs the bling. Here Latina Lovely has amped up the volume with extreme extensions. She’d get an edge, however, by lightly teasing all parts of them so the piecey areas don’t stand out. They always make hair look fake, especially when there isn’t a perfect color match. They seem like highlights and you wonder why they start low down instead of near the crown. (Courtesy Fox)

Ashley Argota (18) is a lovely teenage girl with Filipino background. She has a beautiful smile and great curls. They are a little frizzy in the middle but otherwise very glam and age perfect. Her style is more casual than formal but you could pull it off at prom. It was her choice for her big Birthday bash.

Kayla (23) has lustrous long locks which are entirely bang-free and spiraling into control with ultra-thick curls. The gentle “S” shape from the parting across her hairline down the sides looks effortless and sexy. It’s in a wonderful neutral haircolor. The top half looks perfect but the bottom is simply too bulky. Note: extensions of this size and shape may not do your figure justice and, indeed, can make you look fatter.

Jane Fonda (73) is the queen of short flippy hairstyles. She always has more flips that any other female celebrity. That makes her high maintenance but also as attractive as much younger ladies. Although this is her standard style, Jane changed her color. She used to be blonde; now there’s a solid brown base and more subtle highlights. It is much more flattering. Other design features are a few short bangs and extra height. Overall it is elegantly messy, quite symmetrical, and somewhat flashy, too. Jane stands out in a crowd because of how rare this style is.

Maria Menounos (32) is still unbelievably single despite her warm personality and gorgeous hair. Consistent with the style preferences she’s had for many years, Maria’s locks are long and highlighted. She has a few thin blonde streaks and some light brown tones, too. Without bangs it is very simple, but it’s a clean and polished look that suits any occasion. Notice how you can easily create the appearance of layers with waves. (Courtesy NBC)

Kelly Osbourne (26) is a blunt blonde in more ways that one. She has a new gig as a fashion critic opposite Joan Rivers where she tells it like it is–praising and slamming evening dresses with her reasonable red carpet reviews. Even the high layers are very blunt and almost to the point of being distracting. The contrast between the finely razored ends and the harshly cut sections is daring and even jarring. The ever-present danger of blunt styles is they require extra attention because some people may think you cut your own hair.

Davetta Sherwood (27) as you might have guessed is a former model. This young African American woman is very pretty. Her mid-length black haircut is shiny and chunky. Davetta has styled and scrunched her tresses after adding some messy twists and mega curls. It’s sexy but the half bangs could be improved with softer edges where they start in the center. The dark color and bold contrast demand a gradual transition for optimal aesthetics–or no fringe.

Nicole Kidman (43) at the GRAMMY Awards with a fancy dress and hot hair. It’s wavy and wonderful. There’s nothing new about it except the golden reddish haircolor which is brightest at the front. As usual Nicole is one of the most feminine stars to grace the red carpet not only in the way she dresses but also how she carries herself. There may be a conservative fashion trend this year where we don’t see changes in cuts, just colors.

Bunmi Mojekwu (22) confidently punches out a fashion statement with two-tone hair drama. Her stick-straight tresses have two colors and two layers; dark red is made to appear layered above jet black. Bunmi has very long bangs which are slightly fragmented across her entire forehead. Inspired by the zebra? This intense idea susbtitutes red for white and in places the haircolors alternate with either thick or thin panels. This lowlights style is a trend but it’s not really mainstream yet. The popularity is among girls, especially teenagers, who need something very different and typically choose alternative hairstyles.

Monica (30) rivals screen siren Halle Berry with her beautifully clean complexion and black pixie hairstyle. Monica’s cute cut is a little more stylish and posh than Halle’s perfected coif thanks mostly to the highest section and its general shape. The ultra short bang in the middle adds flair next to the raised top which is moderately messy. Cool and pro at the same time but it’s best suited for women with average to small-sized foreheads.

Paula Adbul (48) can still pass for a woman in her 30s. Here she is showing off her new haircolors on Leno. The mature celebrity jazzed up the forever fashionable hairstyle that is quite possibly the #2 all-time most-requested design (long, graduated layers). The highlighting technique is also quite classical with respect to position (bright from the center on top). According to a running poll on this site, about 50% of women who are getting their color done in 2011 will, like Ms. Abdul, have bold highlights. That number is about the same as in 2010 and the previous five years, too. (Courtesy NBC)

Izabel Goulart (26) is a stunning Brazilian fashion model who has done some work for Victoria’s Secret. If you like wavy hairstyles, it doesn’t get much better than this Hispanic perfection. Notice how her dress colors and ruching are so cleverly coordinated. Everything is catching the light in a way that nearly sparkles. Such understated elegance from a woman her age hints she is mature beyond her years–or has a top-flight stylist. Many teens will love her long design and rate it five stars.

Ashley Herbert (26) at the SI shoot on The Bachelor with a beachy hairstyle. She is usually very neat and professional but broke out of her comfort zone with the cut of the Weekend Californian Surfer Girl. The disheveled look as if you’ve been out in the sun, surf, and sand all day appeals to those who spend most of their time outdoors. It’s cool with jeans and a T-shirt if your personality is ultra casual and you can appreciate messy hair that can make you appear as if you just got out of bed. Probably more men like it than women. Ashley is really hot with the ragged layers which have been whipped by the wind. Not bad for a dentist, huh?! (Courtesy ABC)

Angela Lindvall (30) is a veteran supermodel who has not just a pretty face but also fantastic hair. Her medium cut has some grouped layers that start to wrap around her chin similar to the Rachel Haircut or a bob. But she has pulled the opposite side over to her ear for an asymmetrical style that is cute and relaxed. Everything else is more or less centered.

Anne Drewa (33) has ultra fine layers and heavy sideswept bangs. She has the most beautiful shade of pale blonde; the consistency throughout makes it look natural. There is something about this hot medium hairstyle that is different. Is it the extra thickness? The ends are quite blunt. It is a very polished cut, but perhaps too much to the point where it’s a bit like a helmet. You can fix that if some parts are teased a little. Anne, who is an evening news anchor from British Columbia, Canada, may do a Peter Jennings and replace Diane Sawyer. Click plus sign above for 2x size photo. Her stated age is based on university gra

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