Celebs Wearing Hats

Whether trying to go incognito, repping their fave team or hiding from the sun, celebs love wearing hats. In honor of hat appreciation month, click through to see how stars are rocking all sorts of hats.

Cameron looks like she’s just come from the beach with her sunkissed tresses hidden behind that white fedora instead of trekking through the airport.

Vanessa Hudgens looks glam in her all-black ensemble and little felt hat that lets her short hair flow freely.

The couple that wears hats together stays together — at least when it comes to Jen and Justin, who tend to dress the same when out on the town.

You wouldn’t expect someone as divalicious as Beyonce to wear a boring, old baseball hat to a tennis match, would you? As it turns out, she prefers glam curly hair and a little black hat to make her sporty look edgier.

Reese goes for both glam and casual with this small fedora and a black sundress for a lunch date.

Oh, JT. A little newspaper boy’s cap can’t hide that signature swagger of yours.

Like every good fashionista knows, Kim rocks an elegant all-black outfit with a little fedora and a long side-braid.

Ashley Tisdale knows how to stay cool during L.A.’s warm fall — cool jersey dresses and floppy hats that keep her face covered.

Most celebs wear hats to help them go incognito, but not Khloe Kardashian! She rocks a bright pink floppy hat and a neon yellow purse while running errands in New York.

He may be playing a character, but is there anything hotter than Ryan Gosling looking dapper in a suit with suspenders and a hat? I think not.

Thank goodness Katie has Suri to help pick out chic, trendy outfits for a day of running errands.

Speaking of Suri … Could she look any more on trend for fall with her black felt cap and fur jacket?

When you have a little tot on the way, your priorities change. Take Hil for instance, who makes sure to keep her silky skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Unlike her preppy sister, Ashlee sports hipster gear like it’s her job. And now with her very cropped ‘do, she has really embraced hats in all shapes and sizes.

Lady Gaga hardly ever wears traditional hats. But odd, larger-than-life headpieces, she’s all about — like a massive, white feather puff.

You wouldn’t expect a judge from “The X Factor” to not be a diva. And that expectation seems spot-on for Nicole Scherzinger, who rocks the largest, floppiest hat for an afternoon of errands.

Jennifer Love Hewitt accessorizes her causal jeans-and-a-T-shirt look with a cute fedora.

Demi Lovato has been rocking an edgier look post-rehab — on that has her fully embracing long, loose dresses and black felt hats.

Nicole Richie loves to rock her bohemian style, even when she’s coming to and from the gym. Hey, when fashion is your life, you still gotta look good when you’re a little sweaty.

Life’s a beach for Gabrielle Union, who keeps her face safe from the sun with a straw hat.

Rachel Zoe‘s fashion knowledge knows no end — she even looks gorgeous in a big floppy hat.

As long as you rock your Kangol hat in black, it’s red-carpet appropriate!

With his little cap and flowing locks, Matthew McConaughey’s son, Levi, never fails to live up to his reputation as one of the most stylish tots in Hollywood.

Oh, Ashton. A little straw fedora and some retro sunglasses can’t make up for those long tresses and unruly beard.

Paris, you stick out like a sore thumb wearing that floppy number and striking your signature pose.

Since David Beckham keeps his hair closely shaven, he often sports beanies to protect his head and ears from getting chilly.

Wearing his hat backward, Josh Duhamel goes for a look that says he’s cool but not trying too hard.

There’s nothing like seeing Prince William and Duchess Catherine rocking cowboy hats while touring the United States.

If you thought the trucker hat had come and gone, then think again. Gerard Butler rocks a black-and-white one as a way of rooting for the Chicago White Sox.

David Arquette has always had a quirky fashion sense. But ever since joining “Dancing With the Stars,” he has really stepped it up a notch.

As the biggest proponent of New York, it’s not surprising that Jay-Z wears FDNY gear on the anniversary of 9/11. He’s one prideful dude.

John Mayer continues shedding his pretty boy image every day — especially with the new Indiana Jones-inspired style he’s been rocking of late.

Just because Marc Anthony and Will Smith are Hollywood bigwigs doesn’t mean they can’t rock their baseball caps while catching a football game together.

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