CoinMarketCal – the Cryptocurrency Calendar

CoinMarketCal – the Cryptocurrency Calendar

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CoinMarketCal is a website that lists the upcoming events for different cryptocurrencies.

This is the main website I use for my cryptocurrency events series since I find it to be the most comprehensive and trustworthy.

The aim of the website and the series is to find upcoming events before they affect the price of the cryptocurrency meaning you invest before the hype and generate income that way.

All of the content on this website is submitted by users. Users also vote on the listings to ensure only accurate information is visible.

Why is it useful?

Major events are a great way to increase your positions in cryptocurrency.

The interest and hype in different cryptocurrencies increase when any major milestones are achieved. Increased hype usually means increased demand for the tokens and higher price as a result.

The aim is to invest before that demand is increased, wait for the increase in price and then either sell, or sell and buyback once the demand is decreased depending if you believe in project.

Website like that is a perfect way of tracking the events that could increase the demand.

How to use?

Website has a very good filter system which allows you to pick dates, coin, type of events and sorting options.

There’s also alert system where you get alerts when events for selected coins are added:. You can do email, Telegram or Twitter alerts.

You can also add events by clicking on Add Event and then filling the form.

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