CPChain (CPC) the Cyber Physical Chain for IoT Infrastructure

CPChain (CPC) the Cyber Physical Chain for IoT Infrastructure

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CPChain is a new distributed infrastructure for next generation Internet of Things (IoT).

It intends to build a fundamental data platform for IoT system in combination with distributed storage, encryption computation and blockchain technologies

The aim of the project is to fix the existing IoT bottleneck problems like cost, isolated data, privacy and security.

Team is based in China. CPC had ICO but it wasn’t public – they raised $30M.


CPChain is an open sharing data infrastructure for general large-scale IoT devices, which provides security and incentive mechanisms for data sharing and application.

The application scenarios will include:

– intelligent transporation – logistics tracing, traffic data, car insurance based on the driver data
– big data aggregation which basically means IoT devices talking to eachother
– artificial intelligence where devices work together

With CPCChain industrial IoT systems will be connected and interacting.


The value of CPC is based on two practical business needs. One is that the use of CPChain consumes a certain amount of CPC as fuel.

The other is holding CPC is a symbol of participating in CPChain community governance (aka voting rights)

The CPChain Foundation will charge CPC from developers and service providers of various smart contracts and pays for the gas required for the operation of smart contracts.

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