Crowd Machine – Crowd App Studio

Crowd Machine – Crowd App Studio

The world’s most advanced distributed computer that gets decentralized apps & smart contracts to market up to 45x faster.” – Crowd Machine whitepaper

Crowd Machine consists of a decentralized, peer-to-peer network computer called the Crowd Computer

The Crowd Computer is distributed on the Crowd Machine community’s mobile devices and computers where each device on the network functions to execute decentralized apps.

Built into the Crowd Computer is a highly capable blockchain and decentralized app builder technology called the Crowd App Studio.

The Crowd App Studio allows developers and non-developers to build decentralized apps that run on the Crowd Computer. Crowd App Studio is easy to use, functionally rich and enables the creation of decentralized apps to meet any requirement. Additionally, blockchain smart contracts can be created to meet the most demanding requirements.

Once your decentralized app is built, it is deployed across the Crowd Computer for you and made available to your customers.

The Crowd App Studio has access to Crowd Share, a library of reusable source code the community has created. Crowd Share speeds up decentralized app development even further.

Apps can be created using Crowd App Studio and deployed to the Crowd Computer. Crowd Machine enables off-chain apps to be created that are blockchain agnostic.

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