Cryptyk (CTK) The New Cyber-Security Economy

Cryptyk (CTK) The New Cyber-Security Economy

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Cryptyk is a decentralized cloud storage with blockchain security. The project is esentially divided into two parts:

VAULT which is a decentralized multi-cloud storage platform with sub-file level encryption and sharding that dramatically reduces the potential attack surface for hackers and viruses.

SENTRY which is is a decentralized blockchain platform for auditing, tracking and monitoring all user access and file sharing by leveraging the permanent, immutable nature of the blockchain.


CTK tokens are basically the cryptocurrency used in the Cryptyk platform with the 3 aims:

– Supplying the fuel for the purchase and use of Cryptyk products.
– Funding the development of the platform by Cryptyk Inc.
– Offering incentives for 3rd party developer and alliance partners through the Cryptyk Foundation.

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