Cube Intelligence (AUTO) the Security Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

Cube Intelligence (AUTO) the Security Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

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CUBE is an autonomous car security platform based on a blockchain. It also includes data sharing between data producers and customers.

It is trying to solve the possible malicious attacks on autonomous vehicles by using blockchain technologies, AI-based deep learning and quantum hash cryptography.

The governance of this project will be done through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure, which is funded by a portion of mining rewards.


The CUBE token links driving-related information from the car to data consumers who need this information. It esentially allows users to sell some of their privacy.

CUBE token owners can become information producers by installing CUBE OTA. Driving information is big data which includes driving records, vehicle condition, fuel consumption and so on.

Information consumers such as automobile companies, insurance companies, traffic information providers can pay cube to individuals and purchase driving related data.


The owners of the car generate the driving information while driving the car, receiving CUBE tokens in return.

Data consumers who need this information will provide the services in exchange of Cube tokens.

CUBE token owners can receive services at a CUBE affiliates. These affiliatess can be gas stations, car dealers, repair shops, insurance companies, etc., and can provide services such as gasoline discount, vehicle maintenance, vehicle purchase discount, insurance discount, and cash back service.

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