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Dark and Gorgeous: Popular Highlights in 2011

The key to highlighting hair is to match up tones that complement the base hair color. Be careful if your hair is dyed, however. Many highlighting products may create strange color combinations if they mix improperly with current hair dyes. One example of this would be an individual with black hair who tries for chocolate brown highlights. This poor unfortunate soul may end up with auburn or red streaks instead.

There are several techniques for achieving dark hair with highlights that provide the drop dead gorgeous look we all dream about. Three of the best known are the classic style, the balayage technique, and foiling.

The classic style uses the well known weave cap to separate strands of hair for highlighting. This style works best with twlighting, lowlighting, and highlighting. Twilighting and lowlighting are often interchanged terms that refer to the action of adding darker colors to brighter hair in order to add layers and volume to its appearance. Lowlighting tends to include darker colors that twilighting, or in larger sections, however.

Balayage is a french style of highlighting that means “to sweep”. The highlights are painted manually in a sweeping motion that allows for a natural looking chunky highlight that is darker at the tip and lighter close to the root

Foiling used to separate large swaths of hair for coloring purposes. Sections of hair are placed on a sheet of foil, colored, then wrapped in foil to prevent color seepage onto the rest of the hair.

A popular style of black hair highlights involves adding red streaks to the bangs. The vibrant red color greatly accentuates the hair’s luster allowing for a vital and mysterious look. Another popular black hairhighlights trend is the usage of brown coloring. This allows for a volume enhancing effect that adds a layers to the hair. This effect can be made even more dynamic by adding multi-tonalhighlights along the same theme.

Another trend that has become popular due to celebrity hair highlights pictures in recent months is dark brunette hair with blond highlights. Be careful. This style of highlighting can cause a major hair crises if the individual applying the highlights gets it wrong.

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