Delta – Bitcoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Application Review

Delta – Bitcoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Application Review

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Delta is a Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. It allows the users to track prices crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all of the altcoins. This way users can track the investments to see how different cryptocurrencies are performing.

The app also includes price histories for the selected cryptocurrencies and market charts in different local currencies. There is also price alert function so users can quickly react to market movements.

Delta app competes with variety of different apps. Since cryptocurrency exploded recently there is a lot of apps trying to get the slice of the pie. The biggest competition includes Blockfolio and Coin Tracking.


Delta has several features and some of them make the app stand out from the competition, the feature list include:

– A clear overview of your total portfolio balance, total profit/loss since you started investing or since the last 24 hours – this means the users can quickly check how the investments are doing.
– Current price, latest trend chart, user holdings and profit/loss for each coin users have in the portfolio. This means that each separate investments can be checked.
– Widest range of coins that also include obscure altcoins.
– Custom coin feature which allows the users to add new ICO coins – even straight after the ICO ended.

Further features include:
– Market analysis via the coin details screen that allows the users to analyse he latest trend chart and keep an eye out on the highs, lows and the total volume.
– Feature to easily add transactions by selecting diferent coins from the drop down list.
– When adding the transactions users can deduct and add from holdings meaning users do not need to enter both transactions.
– Crypto alerts that users to get notifications when the price changes meaning users can quickly react to price changes


Main app is available on iOS and Android. Recently Delta also introduced a beta PC version which allows the users to link the mobile versions to the desktop versions.

In order to add cryptocurrency on the mobile version users have
to press the plus button and then select the cryptocurrency.

You then have to type in the name of the coin.

After you find the coin you just click on it.

You can also add custom coin which is useful when adding coins straight after ICO.

Once this is done you have to select the details about your investment and include what exchange, trading pair, buy price, how much and when bought etc

You can also choose to deduct from holdings which makes it easier to ensure the portfolio is up to date.

Some of the recent updates also allow the users to link exchange
accounts which makes it even easier to track investments (11 exchanges are currently supported and include Binance, Bittrex and Kucoin.

Some of the future features will include CSV import and wallet connection.

To actually check the progression of the single investment just pick it from the list of your holdings.

The information include the price, price progression, how much you gained or lost, market cap, volume, supply and other useful information.

With the PC app you can link the mobile and desktop/laptop apps so you can track the investments on whatever device you want.

Any changes on either platform should automatically update the other one.

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