Fashion 2012: pastel colors

So what’s new in fashion this year? Two words: pastel colors. You must have at least one full pastel color outfit, including everything: from shoes to coat. You will find out that pastel colors looks the best with pastel colors.
So, where and what to buy? How to combine pastel color clothes? Where to find inspiration? Just wait, I will try to answer all your questions.

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Why choose pastel colors?

Tired from active bright neon colors? Go pastel.

Extremely feminine and light pastel yellow, orange, pink, green and blue colors offers you different look, which reminds Great Gatsby Era. More girly, but stylish, more flirty, but subtle – pastel colors are classic and pastel color clothes will always be in fashion.
Soft pastel colors look beautiful not only for daytime, but also for evening. Elegant pastel color silk or chiffon gowns look great with bold metallic jewellery.
Pastels look beautiful in combination with pastels, so designers offers a wide choice of pastel color shoes, accesories and make up. Also you can find patel color and blocking color fashion combinations or pastel colow clothes with flower patterns. Combine different pastel colors and look fresh and airy!

Where have we seen pastel colors in high fashion?

What we need first is a pastel color inspiration!

Almost all high fashion designers and fashion labels for 2012 spring collections showed pastel colors. Take a look to these examples and be inspired.

Prada, Bulberry, Versace, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, Chloe, Miu Miu.

Pastel colors: high fashion

Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld







Miu Miu



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