GDDR6 Production Started? BETTER HASHRATES

GDDR6 Production Started? BETTER HASHRATES

video note:
Today i show you that the production of GDDR6 Memory has been started, these brand new GDDR6 chips are made by the South Korean tech firm that aims to meet the growing demands of more powerful computing!

According to Samsung, several graphics DRAM chips will launch this year, and its products will offer consumers the highest performance and densities possible.

The new 16Gb GDDR6 chips will reportedly offer twice the speed of the current generation 8Gb GDDR5 RAM. This is thanks to the use of cutting-edge 10nm nodes instead of a 20nm die.

I and Troy say it could run 45-50MH/s STOCK @ 90-120 Watts of power.
BIOS modded and undervolted maybe over 60MH/s! @ 100-120w

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