Hot or not Michelle Yeoh

HOT. Eight years down the road and she has not aged a day. Sporting full-head curls supported with nude make-up, she looks fresh and young (2003).

HOT. Alongside Eva Longoria who sported similar dress and hairdo, Michelle Yeoh stood out with the classic draped metallic dress and choker. Her look here depicts the vintage Chinese empress glamour (2006).

NOT. The color green looks good on her yellow skin, but she should stick with maxi dresses to elongate her height. And the white sandals? Does not belong to the red carpet, unfortunately (2006).

HOT. The sleek ponytail plus the demure gold dress with soft drapes on the neck makes her look like a goddess. It reminds us of the classic glamour look Angelina Jolie pulls off on the red carpets (2006).

NOT. Tail should only exist if the dress sweeps the floor. This dress gives the funny effect of a little dwarf stepping on the dress tail and pulling the front part of it up (2006).

NOT. The dress looks like it is taken from table dressing, the huge red belt is a turn-off. This whole ensemble looks corny for the red carpet (2007).

HOT. This one-sided relaxed hairdo cuts off even more years from the evergreen Michelle Yeoh (2007).

HOT. Looking like an elegant queen, rocking the fur (we hope it is fake!), the choker, and the simple bun. Probably one of her best looks in the red carpet (2008).

HOT and NOT. She pulls off the androgynous off-duty look really well. The jacket, the bootleg denim, the white shirt. Top notch! But the grandma-like dark specs? Not really, Michelle (2008).

HOT. The embellished dress looks gorgeous on her. And by now we realize that updo and maxi dresses work best on her (2008).

NOT. This supposed-to-be-mini dress makes her looks like a wrapped gift. And we have issue with the string necklace. We know it is oriental, but still..not to the red carpet, maybe? (2008)

NOT. We love the Grecian goddess dress with brilliant waist definer, but the lazy hairdo makes the dress looks lazy too. And what’s with the sporty watch? (2009)

HOT. Tangerine makes her look stunning! Brownie points for the updo and floral stitches (2009).

HOT. The twisting pattern on her dress further accentuates her body curves. Kudos! (2009)

HOT. The pine green dress with pleats makes her stands out in the crowd. The solitary diagonal strap is an haute couture detail, too (2009).

NOT. Aww, you are supposed to show off your personality and glam up for a designer event, not be a blue fairy. A non-cakelike dress plus a different colored shoes would be a minimum requirement (2010).

HOT. Michelle dresses young in a simple purple tube dress and gorgeous strappy heels (2010).

HOT. She anticipated looking pale on this salmon dress, and very smartly tricked it with a gorgeous coral choker. The high slit shows how toned Michelle Yeoh is. Fantastic! (2010)

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