How to get a Hollywood smile?

Secrets to a high-end celebrity smile


After the ultimate A-list smile? It’s all about subtlety these days. Perfectly imperfect is the new perfect with stars eschewing the overly polished piano key look for more true-to-life dental work. And it’s not hard to figure out why: Nothing screams Z-lister more than a set of horsey tombstone veneers in the most blinding shade of white possible.

So, with this in mind, we put together the definitive guide to achieving and maintaining a beautiful high-end smile, and asked renowned cosmetic dentist Dr Joe Oliver of London’s prestigious Welbeck Clinic for some extra pointers. Dr Oliver is the UK’s go-to person for super-sophisticated dentistry, having created exquisite natural-looking smiles for English roses Helena Bonham Carter and Sophie Ellis-Bexter.



Those impossibly white in-yer-face chompers flashed by the likes of UK reality star Chloe Sims are so last decade. New gen porcelain veneers are expertly crafted to look as natural as possible, with some master ceramicists even incorporating slight discolourations, textured grooves and other subtle flaws to maximise the non-artificial effect. The one-size-fits-all approach is a no-no; customisation is key. ‘All the veneer treatments I carry out are bespoke depending on the patient’s wants and needs,’ says Dr Oliver. ‘You design your own smile using cosmetic imaging, leaving you with a natural-looking smile that suits you.’



An oddly uneven gum line can really let down a decent set of gnashers. Enter laser gum sculpting. It can transform a gummy grin into a winning smile, whether carried out in conjunction with couture veneers or simply to enhance the natural pearlies. Quick, easy and virtually painless, a laser is used to sculpt and shape the gum line, revealing more of the teeth. Several stars, including Demi Moore and LeAnn Rimes, have fixed their gummy smiles thanks to this clever treatment.



At the opposite end of the scale, a long-in-the-tooth smile is ageing and can look decidedly horsey. A receding gum line can also cause painful sensitivity and may be a symptom of gum disease. Gingival grafting is the latest procedure to sort it out, boasting both clinical and cosmetic benefits. The periodontist removes a small piece of gum tissue from the roof of the mouth and transplants it to the area where the gums are receding. The treatment doesn’t come cheap, but we reckon it’s worthwhile given its oral health advantages.



Cheryl Cole wore hers for two years and the showbiz world’s most powerful from Oprah to Tom Cruise swear by theirs: a set of Invisalign invisible braces is the stealthy celeb solution for crooked teeth. Barely noticeable, especially compared with those old-school metal monstrosities, the aligners are removed daily for optimum dental hygiene. The only drawback would appear to be the hefty price tag.



Forget the standard scale and polish. If you’re looking for one of the best ways to restore natural whiteness, make like the A-list and book yourself in for a luxury AirFlow polish. Available at most high-end dental practices nationwide, this ultra-effective treatment uses a combination of pressurised water, bicarbonate of soda and jets of air to blast stains to oblivion. End result: gorgeous, gleaming, naturally white pearlies.



An AirFlow Polish will work wonders removing surface stains but it won’t permeate the enamel to tackle deeply ingrained staining. Cue in-office and at-home teeth whitening. Treatments are ubiquitous these days but for stunning A-list results, it’s best to go for the gold standard. ‘To get that sought after celebrity smile, I would recommend Zoom! whitening,’ says Dr Oliver. Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed is the premium option. A dentist-only treatment, it combines potent peroxide whitening with LED technology to brighten teeth up to eight shades in under an hour.



DIY teeth whitening may not be as thorough and effective as an in-office treatment, but it’s a great option of you’re on a budget or in need of a quick touch-up. You’ll get the best results by opting for a safe, high-quality Carbamide peroxide gel such as Polanight and following the instructions to the letter. Your choice of tray is crucial – a snug fit is essential to avoid leakage. Custom-made is best but expensive. Opt for the next best thing and bag some disposable Dentrafit trays. Made from special dental wax, they mimic custom trays by moulding to the exact shape of the teeth for a perfect fit.



Maintaining that A-list smile is a cinch with the right toothbrush. ‘I recommend one that uses sonic pulses, such as Philips Sonicare,’ says Dr Oliver. We like the Sonicare Healthy White. It’s far more effective than a manual brush at removing plaque and It can whiten teeth by up to two shades in just two weeks. If you’re feeling flush, snap up the deluxe Sonicare DiamondClean. Packed with swish features, it’s proven to brighten teeth in just one week.



The ultimate showbiz smile calls for the ultimate whitening toothpaste. Dr Oliver is a fan of Janina, which has also garnered a firm celeb following and endorsements from BBC’s Watchdog programme and Health Which? magazine. The only toothpaste on the market that actually whitens teeth – others brands are mere stain-removers apparently – its unique formula contains natural fruit enzymes for daily enamel-safe whitening.



Globe-trotting celebs just don’t have the time to floss and it’s not something they can delegate to a minion unfortunately. Therein lies the appeal of the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. This handy contraption is clinically proven to be up to 93% more effective than dental floss at improving gum health. It pumps out jets of highly pressurised water to blast away debris and bacteria between the pearlies and below the gum-line. A quick once-over at the end of each day should really improve your oral hygiene.



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