How to Ride the London Tube

How to Ride the London Tube

How to Ride the London Tube

The London Underground is a masterpiece made up of 12 lines that stop at 270 stations in 6 zones. Most tourists will probably stick to Zones 1 and 2, so pay for your tickets accordingly.

3 Ways to Pay for Tube Fare:

1. Travel Card – This is a disposal paper ticket that can be valid for a day, a week or even more.

2. Oyster Card – This is a plastic prepaid card that you can put money on and pay as you go. It costs £5, so don’t forget to return it when your trip is over. You’ll get back the £5 and any remaining balance.

3. Contactless Credit Card – If you have one of these cards, you can use it at the security barriers to tap your way in.

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