Internxt (INXT) the Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications

Internxt (INXT) the Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications

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Internxt is creating decentralised internet services that aim for mass adoption.

Currently Internxt focuses on two main products: X Core and X Cloud.

X Core will allow the users to share their computer resources and use resources of others.

X Cloud is a decentralised cloud storage where users can store their files on a decentralised cloud.

Internxt ran ICO in September where they raised $209k.


X Cloud is a decentralised file storage service similar to Sia, Storj, Filecoin, Google Drive or Dropbox.

With X Cloud users can rent their unused hard drive space to other users and get paid for it. On the other hand if you need space you can purchase it from other users.

X Core is the second part of the Internxt project. It will allow the users to rent or borrow their computing power to/from other users.

In that regard it’s similar to Golem, iExec or SONM. Users can profit from the unused computing power or buy more if they need it.


INXT will facilitate the payments between consumers and hosts.

In order to reach thegoal to reach mass-market adoption other currencies will also be accepted but if the services are paid in a currency different to INXT, this will be converted into INXT (bought from the open market at market price) and then paid to hosts.

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