Japanese Supercar NCV Made Of Wood

Japanese Supercar NCV Made Of Wood

Japan’s Ministry of the Environment is made a car out of wood. Well, sort of. It’s called the Nano Cellulose Vehicle and it’s as wild as the styling suggests. This isn’t the first car made of wood, which automakers have used since the inception of the automobile.

Companies have used wood as structural pieces of a vehicle before, though today we most often find wood in the form of various interior trim pieces. Japan’s innovative automobile is a bit different. It’s made of nano cellulose fibers.

The vehicle comes from a consortium of 22 Japanese universities, research institutes, and corporate suppliers launched in 2016 by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

Cellulose Nanofiber is derived from plants and recycled agricultural waste and has been used across the body, including the doors, roof, and hood. The use of these materials means the car’s shell is up to 50 per cent lighter than one made from more traditional ones. CNF has also been used extensively in the car’s structural tub.

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