Miguel Vias: XRP’s Future for Cross-Border Payments

Miguel Vias: XRP’s Future for Cross-Border Payments

Video note:
For a long time the native asset of the Ripple network XRP was the cryptocurrency with the second biggest market cap. But with much of the supply controlled by Ripple, it remained surrounded by controversy. Still, XRP remains an interesting asset to enable cross-border payments in the future. Miguel Vias recently joined Ripple after a long career on Wall Street to develop XRP as a liquid and widely accepted asset.

Topics discussed in this episode:
– How Miguel Vias went from trading precious metals to XRP
– The similarities between precious metals and cryptocurrencies
– The role Ripple sees for XRP
– The connection between XRP and interledger
– Why the FinCEN fine changed Ripple’s course
– XRP’s role in cross-border payments
– How Miguel is trying to create liquid markets for XRP

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