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Models’ “fall” collection

Models’ “fall” collection

Falling on the runway is the biggest fashion faux pas for a model in the fashion industry.

Falling or even merely stumbling on the runway isn’t only physically painful and embarrassing for a model but it can also make or break your career as a runway fashion model. If you think strutting down the catwalk is easy then you try just walking a straight line in 5 inch stilettos and have the entire fashion industry watch your every movement. It’s beyond nerve-wrecking!

This latest autumn/winter fashion show 2013 in London is no exception. During the final moments of knitwear designer Ekaterina Kukhareva’s Autumn/Winter 2013/14 show, a model (photo above) tripped and actually managed to break the clutch she was carrying at the end of the fall! The poor girl. Let’s just hope she didn’t have to pay for it…

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