Nuls (NULS) the Adaptable Blockchain for Enterprise Solutions

Nuls (NULS) the Adaptable Blockchain for Enterprise Solutions

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Nuls blockchain aims at providing business entities with a platform for creating and deploying their decentralized applications.

It is an open source project with highly customisable modular blockchain infrastructure. It will provide functional modules, smart contracts, multi-chain mechanism and cross-chain consenus.

The side-chain usage makes Nuls stand out from the competition and it is as a way of reducing the burden on the main chain of its blockchain.

Nuls launched in September 2017

Usage and Tokens

The aim of the project is to reduce the cost of generating and deploying decentralized applications and at the same time making it easy for the developers to customize the Dapps for different business applications.

The main features of NULS are:
Multiple chains – Exchange of data and value among chains
Smart contracts – Usage of NULSVM in a decentralized environment
Proof-Of-Credit – tokens locked to run a node
High customisation and upgradability

The NULS token will be used to support NULS based applications, pay for application costs, perform exchange for sub-chain digital assets, support NULS development, reward miners and pay transaction fees.


Main network has been launched successfuly recently. The launch was celebrated in the official conference in Beijing where 300 delegates attended.

New version of the main-net wallet was also released with the NULS Main-Net v1.0.1 released few days ago.

Future work includes smart contract module, ecosystem improvements and chain factory launch (allows for creation of customisable side chains and connecting it to the main network). All of that in 2018.

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