Porsche 991 GT2 RS Weissach at Monza Circuit

Porsche 991 GT2 RS Weissach at Monza Circuit

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Porsche 911 991 GT2 RS, all fitted with the Weissach Package

What is Boxer Engine?
Typically, the layout has cylinders arranged in two banks on either side of a single crankshaft and is otherwise known as the boxer, or horizontally-opposed engine.

Boxer engines derive several performance advantages inherent to their design, since the center of gravity on an opposed engine is much lower to the ground compared to an in-line or V design. This allows for better lateral acceleration. In addition, the benefits to handling are enormous.


水平对卧发动机具有设计固有的性能优势,因为相对于直列或V型设计,对置发动机的重心比地面低得多。 这允许更好的横向加速度。 此外,处理的好处是巨大的。

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