Restart Energy (MWAT) the Energy Ecosystem for a Sustainable Future

Restart Energy (MWAT) the Energy Ecosystem for a Sustainable Future

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Restart Energy allows anyone to create and operate their own retail energy business and earn revenues.

This is done through the RED Platform Software which is a blockchain based decentralized energy trading platform allowing Peer to Peer direct energy trading between consumers and energy producer.

RED-F is the first tokenized franchise offer on the European Union energy market and is ran by the existing energy and gas supplier in Romania. Through RED-F MWAT holders can create and run their own energy retail business

How is it used?

There are two RED Franchise membership types:
Franchise Owner of a Power Retail Company (Only one per country with full partnership)
Reseller / Broker (Restart Energy establishes company)

RED-P features (the platform)
Any registered user can buy or sell from any other registered user
P2P: All parties in our ecosystem are able to trade directly with each other.
Consumers will be awarded with RestartEnergy-standard green certificates for using renewable energy.

MWAT token:
Ethereum-based ERC20
415 million coins available with total supply of 470 million
97% of volume on Kucoin and 3% on IDEX, also listed on ForkDelta and Lykke but no volume there. BTC is the more popular pairing.

The RED MegaWatt (MWAT) Tokens are ERC20 utility tokens that give access to the RED Platform Software and to the RED Franchise.
Each MWATallows users to buy or sell up to 1,000 KW Tokens per month, on the RED Platform Software.KW tokens (KWT) are tradable exclusively on the platform and can hold a virtual energy charge.
There is also e RED Loyalty System, through which producers transfer platform-exclusive KWT to MWAT holders for registering and keeping MWAT tokens on the RED-Platform.

Team and community:

Based in Romania, registered in Singapore.
Employs over 80 people who work at the headquarters in Romania, as well as in other countries that the company has already entered.
Partnered with 300+ franchises in Romania and had 1700% Growth Since 2015
Fully operational branch in Serbia, expanding to United Kingdom and aquiring supply companies in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria with 40+ countries planned by 2023.
200+ franchise applications in the first 60 days.

Where does it fit?

The competition include WePower (46M), Power Ledger ($152M), Grid+ ($18M), SunContract ($26M), for the record MWAT has mcap of 18M

There is a direct comparison to Power Ledger and WePower in the whitepaper and while that info should be verified indepently it does seem that Restart Energy has the edge.

Keep in mind that Restart is an existing company with existing partnerships and clientbase. This is the main difference since both Power Ledger and WePower are startups.

If we look at the mcaps of the project and how much room to grow MWAT has.


The future developments include:

Platform testing (internal)

Product launch with a selected producers/consumers

Country-wide launch

Start of world expansion

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