Steal Her Look: Girls of Twilight

Take a few style pointers from the chic girls of Twilight in time for the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Any film that features a strong female cast is bound to get our attention, and the bigger the scale of the film, the better – because that just means when premiere season rolls around, all those gorgeous actresses are gonna go the whole nine yards on the red carpet, bringing us plenty of lust-worthy designer looks.

The Twilight franchise fits all of those criteria, and more. After all, what other blockbuster film can boast the combined beauty, charisma and style of Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene etc. ? We’re beyond grateful for Breaking Dawn being split into two parts, because judging by the quality of red carpet looks the stars have brought to the many premieres thus far, these girls definitely know how to bring it hard, and already we’re breathlessly anticipating the next round of premieres next year.

If you, like us, are absolutely gaga over the gals and their sense of styles, how about taking a page out of their books to liven up your wardrobe? You know what they say about things you love – you either buy, beg, borrow or steal. So click through our gallery right now, and prepare to steal – ahem, we mean, be inspired by – the girls of Twilight.

If you want to look feminine with a retro twist, Ashley Greene is definitely your go-to girl. The curvy actress takes full advantage of her classic womanly figure by dressing it up in waist cinching short dresses with feminine details like floral prints, neutral pastels, and lace. She also appears to have a penchant for looks that are reminiscent of pinup girls by pairing high waisted pieces with sheer blouses and bust-emphasizing bustiers.

We recommend Bryce Dallas Howard’s style for two categories of women: a) expectant mothers who want to look good while carrying and, or b)free spirited souls who radiate with good energy, because that is exactly what Bryce’s style combines – her bohemian sensibilities with her changing body. She’s solid proof that women don’t have to let themselves go during pregnancy, and if anything, having a bun in the oven only adds more fun to dressing up.

Twilight’s leading lady rules with her edgy, rocker fashion sense. Kristen Stewart doesn’t go with the mainstream, and dances to the beat of her own black drum. Dark. moody colours are preferred, and she loves her outfits filled with shiny embellishments like studs or sequins. Leather is a common addition, and her favourite body part is clearly her legs, as she often shows them off in mini dresses.

Dakota Fanning is one of the few child stars in the world who has made the leap to adulthood in a graceful, relatively scandal-free manner, and at least part of that can be attributed to her dress sense, which is a perfect blend of youthfulness and elegance. She favours girly frocks with a prom dress silhouette, and balances out their saccharine quality by choosing them in neutral, pale hues.

She may not be as much of a regular on the red carpet as her peers, but when Elizabeth Reaser makes a public appearance, she makes it count in body-hugging dresses in seductive materials like silk, sequin or leather. To make an even bigger impact, she chooses ones with deep plunging necklines that show off her enviable collarbone and add a sensual edge to her outfits. The looks she goes with may be simple, but they always make a big splash.

Newlywed Nikki Reed distinguishes herself from her castmates by having a sense of style that combines a variety of elements that are bohemian, feminine and edgy. Instead of wearing a flowy floral dress on its own, she likes to switch things up a bit by layering preppy jackets or rough leather jackets on top of it. In short, she never sticks to one style alone and mixes and matches pieces with vastly different personalities to create a look that is all her own.

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