The wrong and right way!

Fashion can be quite tricky to pull off sometimes. Find out how to make particular fashion trends such as the tutu and leopard prints work for you.

Girls, fashion brings beauty and beauty is the first thing that meets the eye. You do not want to screw that up! Take a look at our 10 rights and wrongs and learn to do it right!

Animal Prints: Sure, animal prints can bring out you inner feline but Linda Ramone is over doing it! Reese Witherspoon on the other hand, sexy!

Big Hair: Chantal Biya’s big hair was trapping pigeons while Miley’s hairdo made her shine!

Underwear As Outerwear: Between Lacey Schwimmer and Kim K, can we make you guess which one screams trashy and which screams gorgeous?

Colour Matching: Kelly Osborne was matching everything from head to toe and she looked like cotton candy! Jessica on the other hand played it cool and classy by only matching her clutch and dress.

Expose: Heidi ran through our minds as her sneaky dress gave us a peak of her sexy body but it screams NO with Tami Donaldson’s outfit..or shall we say lingerie.

Feathers: We thought Paris had glue gunned her dress and rolled around with her pillow feathers. Naomi Watts’ dress showed Paris how to do it right!

Leggings: We’ve heard a lot about leggings and Leighton Meester gladly showed us an example of what not to do with it while Ciara rocked the look.

Sheer Clothing: Would there be any difference if Melody Thornton on the left had not worn anything? Zoe Saldana’s dress on the other hand gave out a beautiful sense of architecture and style.

Train Dresses: On our left we see Eva Longoria in a beautiful white train gown and on our left we see Miley Cyrus with a tail. We hope that is not what you are wearing on your wedding day!

Tutu: No girl is too old for a tutu but Rihanna is doing it wrong. She looked like a gift bag! Olivia Wilde’s dress, beautiful!

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