TokenData – the news, data and analytics for all ICO’s and tokens

TokenData – the news, data and analytics for all ICO’s and tokens

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TokenData is a website that lists the past, present and upcoming ICOs.

However unlike most of the ICO related websites TokeData also analyses the past ICOs and allows the users to see the returns of the past ICOs when compred against fiat, BTC or ETH

The aim of the website is to track the future ICOs but also analyse the performance of the past ICOs to try to predict how the future ICOs will perform.

This is also the best way to track howe much each ICO has raised.

Why is it useful?

Analysing the past trends in the ICOs can be useful to predict whether the ICO can generate returns once listed on exchanges.

There’s a feature that shows the returns when compared to USD, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This can be used to analyse general trends in ICO investment and also how the hype level or the type of the ICO affects the returns.

The amount of money raised can be used to see how that affects the valuation of the project later. You can see the trends of how USD raised is connected to Returns. Quite often if ICO raises too much money the tokens are later dumped.

The analytics feature is also super useful because if shows all of the social media connected to the cryptocurrency which can be useful for news and analysing trends.

There’s also feature that tracks NEO ICOs only which is great since NEO investors still lack ICO investment options. NEO ICOs also often perform better since they are less ‘mainstream’. Wouldn’t be surprised that the website adds other ICO platforms like NEM, KMD or DRGN for example

And obviously the ICO calendar which allows users to track the upcoming ICOs in a comprehensive list with short description.

How to use?

The website is super easy to use with main filters at the top:

TOKEN SALES – showing the basic list with past, present and upcoming ICOs
ADVANCED RETURNS – showing the rate of returns per ETH, fiat or BTC
ICO CALENDAR – list of all upcoming ICOs
ANALYTICS – Twitter, Reddit Subreddit, Reddit User and BitcoinTalk Search covered
NEO ICOs – all ICOs from NEO

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