TradingView – the web service and social network for crypto traders

TradingView – the web service and social network for crypto traders

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TradingView is a web service and social network for traders, with a platform for technical analysis. The site was launched in September 2011. TradingView is available with a paid subscription, and with a limited free version.

I personally use it to track the prices of cryptocurrencies. Crypto is actually a small part of the website since it also includes all of the main traditional investments like stocks, traditional currencies and others.

The aim of the website is to track, analyse and predict the market movements for variety of investments. Different users can post their analysis to try to help other users with investments.

Why is it useful?

It’s probably the best way to track live prices of cryptocurrencies since the website shows live prices of cryptocurrencies. This way you can quickly react to changing trends and either buy or sell.

The TA – technical analysis is useful to predict how the price moves in the future. While not always successful there is some science behind and it can be used to increase your crypto holdings or generate profit.

The website provides different TA analysis from different people so you can use knowledge of others to improve your own investments.

There is a list of the most successful authors of the TAs so people really good at TAs can compete and show off their knowledge.

There is also a quick summary function.

There is also technical analysis on the different moving trends on charts which shows the predictions based on that – that can also be used to ‘predict’ future.

There is also section with news which is useful to track investment news.

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