VW Mobile Robot – A Revolution In Charging Vehicles

VW Mobile Robot – A Revolution In Charging Vehicles

The robot, which is autonomous, can move what VW calls battery wagons – 25-kilowatt-hour battery packs – to a vehicle where the robot then connects the battery wagon to the vehicle.

Summoning the robot happens either via a mobile app or vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. The robot uses various cameras, laser scanners, and ultrasonic sensors to operate autonomously, including recognizing and reacting to obstacles.

VW says the robot and battery wagons could help charge vehicles in areas where installing sufficient EV charging infrastructure could be costly – like an underground parking structure or other difficult-to-renovate locations.

Drivers looking for a parking spot in a parking structure could park anywhere, regardless of whether there are any open charge ports, and have VW’s mobile robot wheel a battery wagon over to begin charging the vehicle.

“The constructional work as well as the costs for the assembly of the charging infrastructure can be reduced considerably through the use of the robots,” says Mark Möller, Head of Development at Volkswagen Group Components.

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