Wild Crypto (WILD) the Online Crypto Casino on the Blockchain

Wild Crypto (WILD) the Online Crypto Casino on the Blockchain

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Wild Crypto is an international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology.

The aim of the project is to disrupt the global lottery and eGaming sectors through the usage of blockchain technology and its their own cryptocurrency, the WILD token.

To do that Wild Crypto will be working with different developers of the slot, casino and lotto based games.

The platform is already live and working so users can actually test and profit/lose money in the games.

Wild Crypto platform has a casino available on the wildcrypto.com website.

There are several different games available and include:
– Wild Crypto Lotto which works like other Lotto based games where users pick lucky numbers and then the drawing picks the winning numbers
– Variety of different slot games where users spin and win rewards.
– Different casino games

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