ZenCash (ZEN) the Private Platform for Money, Messages and Media

ZenCash (ZEN) the Private Platform for Money, Messages and Media

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Zencash is a both public and private cryptocurrency that also include secure messaging application, anonymous publishing of data and private browsing.

Zencash is an evolved form of ZK-SNARK technology.” It is a direct hard fork from ZClassic

The governance of this project will be done through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure, which is funded by a portion of mining rewards.

The 4 main aspects of Zencash are:

1. ZenCash that allows for easy transfer of value by using regular (T) and private (Z) addresses.
2. ZenChat which is a secure messaging application on the market and can be used as a standalone product or embedded within ZenCash Wallets.
3. ZenPub gives users the ability to anonymously publish data, documents, and media in a way that is resistant to censorship (in development)
4. ZenHide allows for domain fronting is a versatile censorship circumvention technique that hides the remote endpoint of a communication (in dev)

ZEN is the native token running in the Zen Ecosystem.

The main purpose is transfer and store of value. T addresses are regular addresses and transactions similar to Bitcoin. Z addresses are called shielded addresses and leverage the latest privacy technology to obscure sender and recipient addresses, as well as amount sent.

For ZenChat channel communication costs a minimal amount of ZenCash to prevent clutter and spam. The use case will probably be similar in ZenHide and ZenPub.

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