Consumer Electronics Show 2011

Tablet computers are the latest, hottest craze. Nowhere was this more evident than at the […]

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Who wants to spend like a millionaire? – Russian Millionaire Fair

If you had (at least) a million bucks, how’d you spend it? Let the world-famous […]

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High heel races around the world

Women around the world courageously put themselves to the ultimate endurance test – racing in […]

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Thousands of Russians jump in ice holes for holiday

Holy freeze, Batman! Tens of thousands of Russians leapt into freezing waters for religious and […]

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Tattoo eye-candy from Thailand, China

A tattoo festival in Thailand, a tattoo fair in China. Plenty to gawk at and […]

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Top 10 hottest queens & princesses

No, we’re not talking about beauty queens. Here’s our pick of the hottest female members […]

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LA Autoshow 2010

The annual, uber-swanky LA Autoshow is on, showcasing some of the hottest, most advanced car […]

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KL International Motor Show 2010

Hot models, hotter cars have arrived in Kuala Lumpur for the motor show this year. […]

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Pole dancing around the world

Who knew that a simple prop – a metal pole – could enable such… stimulating […]

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Twitter 2011 ad revenue estimated at $150 million

Microblogging sensation Twitter is expected to rake in $150 million in advertising revenue this year, […]

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Street Chic: London

A hint of plaid peeking through her peacoat gives this look a collegiate character. Source […]

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Google Earth on PQWindow Multi-Touch Screen

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PQ Labs touch table at CeBIT 2010

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CeBIT 2010 : Simply THE coolest gadget at CeBIT!

On the Intel booth at CeBIT 2010 we found Microvision with their motion-sensing, gun mounted […]

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‘Toylet’ games make a splash in Japan urinals

Japanese toilets are famed for functions such as posterior shower jets and perfume bursts, but […]

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Messi dismisses Ballon d’Or critics

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi dismissed media criticism of his second successive World Player of the […]

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Detroit auto show 2011

Optimism returned to the Detroit auto show Monday as US automakers celebrated rising sales and […]

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