2018 Mazda6 Wagon

2018 Mazda6 Wagon

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• A new frontal design adopts a more powerful, deeply sculpted look accentuating horizontality, a low center of gravity and a wider stance.

• The new front grille design features a lower bottom edge and signature wing tips underscoring the headlamps.

• The grille mesh is positioned deeper within the surround, and the mesh design is a deeper, more intricate pattern of small blocks, strengthening the 3-D presentation of the front.

• The new headlamps adopt a sleek, wide shape. LED turn signal form a line along the unit’s upper length, and the signature lighting penetrates the projector to create a bolder expression when illuminated.

• The fog lamps are now integrated within the headlamp units. This allows for a more horizontal design to the front bumper corners, emphasising the vehicle’s broad stance.

• The body color now extends to the lower rear bumper section to present a tauter look of higher quality.

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